This video page contains a variety of videos I’ve done over the years. Whether you’re interested in my TODAY Show video, book promotions, reputation management, or SEO related presentations, you’ll find them here…

Analytic SEO

Recently I sat on a virtual panel with fellow SEO experts.  Not only did I enjoy the interview but learned quite a bit.  If you’re in digital marketing, you always have something to learn. Again, special thanks to David Bain and my fellow panel members.

Digital Marketing Radio

I had a really great time speaking with my friend from the other side of the pond, David Bain over at Digital Marketing Radio.  He’s a great guy and fantastic host!


Marketing Career

This year the 2014 College and Career Readiness Seminar by CTEP was held at Middlesex Community College. The event included an industry professional interview that I was honored to be a part of.  A student from a CTEP Marketing Pilot School – (MJ from Mount Olive High School) provided the audience with a valuable interview.

Reputation Management Webinar

SEO Made Simple

Blogging Made Simple

Public Speaking Made Simple

The Spread Effect Show

Today Show Appearance

Why do SEO? (West Virginia University – IMC)

Google Instant (interview)