Vegan For One Day

I’m really excited about starting my next chapter.  It’s definitely not what I was thinking. As a career marketer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of brands and companies.  I’ve always tried to create value for those I’ve done work for… but something was always missing.  That’s what led me to my latest project, Vegan For One Day.  After taking a serious look at my health, family, and my future, I decided to make some pretty significant changes in my life.  The biggest and most profound change was educating myself about the food I eat, where it comes from, and the affect it has on my body.  After making a decision to eliminate meat and animal products from my diet, I wanted to support a larger cause – helping others do the same.

Vegan for One Day

I know that I’ve always focused on marketing content and information for my readers.  But that’s not enough.  Helping people succeed in business is only one aspect of my life.  I also want to help people be their best, and that means helping them eat right and live a long, healthy life.  To do so, I wanted to educate people about a healthy lifestyle and the negative effects that meat and dairy are having on their health. That’s why I’ve launched Vegan For One Dvegan for one dayay and will be spreading the word to educate others about vegan eating.

After watching a variety of documentaries and doing quite a bit of research, I decided to adopt a vegan diet. I also realized that doing so was not for everyone.  After a discussion with my daughter Sami, we agreed that if we could educate people about the downside of meat production and consumption, we might be able to encourage them to try veganism, one day at a time.  Doing so saves precious resources like water and feed and helps to start individuals on the road to better health.

I’m the first to admit that I never like someone telling me what to do.  As a lifelong marketer, I know that stories sell and people need understand the benefits of consuming your product or service.  I also have learned that supporting worthwhile causes and making and individual impact create lots of value.  That’s why we’ve decided to introduce the idea of being Vegan with the Vegan For One Day Challenge.

Vegan Challenge

The Vegan for one day challenge is all about learning more about the foods we consume on a regular basis and the impact they have.  Not just on our personal health but on the planet and the resources required for their production.  For example, just a 1/4 pound of beef requires 6.7 pounds of grain for feed and more than 56 gallons of water.  At the same time, there are 600 million people in the world without clean drinking water.  Seems like saying no to a hamburger for dinner, even just once, might be worthwhile thing to consider!  By learning more about food production, individuals can make better decisions.

Those who participate in the vegan for one day challenge, can decided if they want to eat vegan for one day, week, or month.  Doing so isn’t all that difficult if you focus on adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and simply passing on the meat.  Being vegan goes deeper than that, but getting started is usually the hardest part.  All donations submitted in conjunction with the campaign are donated to causes that focus on nutrition, animal protection, and clean drinking water.

I’m thrilled to be starting this new, meaningful chapter, and I hope you’ll join me.  Visit to learn more.