The Power of Goal Setting

As we begin a new year, many people will be making resolutions that simply won’t hold.  Why does this happen?  Is it because people lack will power?  Is the idea of a resolution an exercise in uselessness?  Personally I think that goal setting is important.  Where most people go wrong isn’t in thinking big, but rather, not thinking small.  In order to achieve a big goal you must begin by achieving milestones (smaller goals that make up the big goal). When you focus on creating and achieving small goals, you build momentum which helps in your overall achievement.

successIf you’re planning on achieving big things this year, I recommend you do the following:

1. Create big goals in the main areas of your life – health, wealth, love, and happiness.
2. Break down you large goals into a number of smaller ones, specific milestones you need to achieve.
3. Invest in yourself.  Spend some money learning from the best – books, podcasts, seminars.
4. Find a mentor in the areas that matter most. This will shave years off of goal attainment.
5. Be brutally honest.  Where are you now and where do you want to be.

Keep growing and learning this year.  As you experiment, realize that mistakes are inevitable but they help you learn. Be courageous, take action, and you will succeed.