How I Started Selling on Amazon

During a recent conversation, I was thinking about all the things I’ve done as an entrepreneur and Internet Marketer.  I couldn’t help but take a deep breath thinking about all of the “projects” I worked on. Many were failures in some sense but I learned something from each of them.  So, in hindsight, nothing was a failure but more importantly a learning experience.  What I’ve come to discover is that people will pay you for what you’ve learned – and you can’t get there without a few disappointments along the way.

Recently I started selling on Amazon at a friends insistence.  Being in internet marketing circles I heard about and knew guys making 5, 10, 30 thousand a month selling on Amazon. They were investing in big time program at five thousand dollars a clip – much too rich for my liking, so I stayed on the sidelines.  After two or three years of listening to my buddy tell me how he was crushing it on Amazon and working on a couple hours each weak, I had to give in.

What I learned was that navigating around Amazon selling takes some time but isn’t too difficult. That is, if you have the right information, tools, and resources.  I learned a lot about product research, sourcing products, bundling, pricing, and so much more.  I also discovered a great tool for generating reviews which is one of the most important aspects of any listing.

One of the reasons why I wanted to learn more about Amazon is to get closer to the buying process and your “typical” buyer.  I put that in quotes because I don’t know that any buyer is truly typical but many of them purchase on Amazon.  By understanding how they buy, it will help me better understand my sales funnels, digital advertising, and how to improve conversion rates across different types of media.

Whether you want to learn how to sell on Amazon or simply how to improve your marketing skills, taking on new sales channels and learning all you can is paramount. Today its Amazon but tomorrow it might be a different platform.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and learn how you can get better, become more informed, and generate results.