SEO Made Simple 5th Edition Now Available!


It’s finally here!  I’m officially announcing the launch of SEO Made Simple® (5th Edition)– Insider Secrets for Driving More Traffic to Your Website. This top-selling book has been updated for 2016 and beyond with the latest tips, tricks, and strategies for dominating page one Google results.

SEO Made Simple 5The book is now in its fifth printing in more than a dozen countries.  Thank you for making SEO Made Simple today’s top-selling search engine optimization guide. The book is available on in both print and kindle formats.

What’s new in SEO Made Simple (5th Edition)

Google continues to evolve and so must we. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, there is a significant amount of new content in this guide to help you achieve top Google rankings.  Although Google introduced more Panda and Penguin related changes just a short time ago, many of them are reinforcing the same concepts.  As such, I had to rework and update much of the content related to the value of inbound links and linking sources.

I’ve also changed a number of the traditional off page techniques that used to provide an increase in website authority, an essential factor for improving your organic search results.  These off page techniques are the most powerful I’ve ever discovered for having a quick and dramatic positive impact on organic rankings for even your most competitive keywords and keyword phrases.

The other area where you’ll see significant changes and updates in with regard to local optimization. Local (a.k.a. mobile search) is having a sweeping impact on how people search and more importantly how Google renders search results.  Have a complete understanding of the power of local search and how it works is the key to improving your local results which now account for as much as 60% of organic search traffic.

Why you should be reading the latest SEO Made Simple Guide

Those who remain effective at optimizing their websites continue to receive the majority of organic traffic. What would top rankings do for your website? What if you had more organic traffic, qualified individuals interested in your products and services, knocking down your door?  Let me be the first to tell you that SEO is alive and well.  Those who focus on search engine optimization as part of their overall marketing mix are winning the game of online marketing.

This guide not only reveals the specific techniques I use to optimize my websites and blogs, but also proven strategies I’ve used to generate million’s of organic visitors to the countless websites. I’ve helped and coached thousands of companies, affiliate marketers, and business use organic search engine optimization to transform their businesses.  Let me help you!

Learn more at SEO Made Simple® 5th Edition.