Panda 4.0 – Google Updates

Google is continually changing and updating their algorithm.  As SEO’s (search engine optimization experts), we need to stay ahead of these changes… or do we.  Like I write about in my book, SEO Made Simple (4th Edition), it’s often months after an apparent update that we see the true impact of a Google algorithm update.  And Panda 4.0 is no exception.

Panda 4.0 Google UpdateIn fact, many of the changes that have been implemented by Google seem to be finally taking hold.  Many are in line with other updates we’ve experienced as they seem to value quality content this is unique. The primary difference this time around is engagement. In fact, sites that can prove true engagement (time on site, click-throughs, shares, etc.) are the big winners in this last update.

Here’s what you can do:  Make sure that you are getting the most of this latest Google update.  By implementing some basic practices, you can dramatically improve your organic search results.  Review the following list and see where you can improve.

  • SEO optimize your own website.  Use tools like Moz, Conductor, or Web Position to grade your current site and make the necessary improvements.
  • Build authority through rich, unique content that your users want.  Develop and editorial calendar and stick with it.
  • Integrate social sharing.  Make it easy for website visitors to like, share, and retweet information that appears on your website.  This will improve engagement scores and results.
  • Focus on developing a variety of online assets that go beyond blog posts.  Images, videos, power point presentations – all of them have value in Google’s search results.
  • Consider the influence of local search.  Work with an optimization company that can distribute your company information across multiple local search engines to feed into Google emphasis on local optimization.

Don’t take Google updates too lightly, but don’t assume that anyone understand the full impact of an update until 30 – 60 days after the confirmation of an update.  Google algorithm changes and updates take time before  impacting actual search results.