Big Fin Solutions Marketing

New Website Launched

I’m happy to announce a face lift for the Big Fin Solutions website. After spending a decade working with companies on marketing strategy, planning, and execution, I wanted to update my company’s site to reflect our strengths. In addition to trimming down the site to focus more on highlighting key aspects of the business, we wanted to focus on the products most commonly used by our audience.

We focus on 6 – 7 key areas of marketing. These include Marketing Audits, Marketing Technology, and Marketing Services such as social media management, website optimization, local optimization, and more.  In the past year alone, we’ve worked with a Fortune 500 company to more than one hundred local and medium sized businesses. As our roster of clients continues to grow, we look to focus in on the services that have the greatest need.

Design of the new website

The design for the new site had one goal in mind – to get browsers to the information they need more quickly, and to facilitate contact with our staff. As such, we reduced the number of individual pages from more than 100 to less than a dozen. Although we will be building our products pages out in more detail over the weeks to come, the initial goal was realized and continues to be our true North.

As we continue to work with companies through marketing consulting and services, we will update and revise core products should market need changes. However, after more than a decade we see some very strong trends. These trends include:Big Fin Solutions Marketing Website

  • The importance of a second opinion. Many businesses want an outside in review of their marketing strategy, campaigns, and initiatives. Are they doing the right things? Getting the most from their marketing budget? Earning a reasonable return on their marketing investments?
  • Online reputation and brand exposure. Most of the companies we work with are very passionate about how their brand is conveyed online. Through a combination of reputation management, SEO, and Paid Search, we help companies position themselves properly online and build a strong brand. With the help of a keyword finder you can get the best out of your SEO process.
  • Marketing services are still a need. Whether you need someone to manage your social media or write your blog posts, the basic blocking and tackling is still an important factor in generating leads and maintaining a positive brand image.

I’m excited anytime I get to redesign a website. It really starts with a deep understanding of the client (in this case it was us) and their target market. By learning everything you can about the purchase decision process a consumer goes through – whether an individual or company, you gain valuable insights that inform the architecture of your site.

Our clients like to make decisions quickly but at the same time have enough information to make informed choices. We believe we succeeded in this regard with a simple format and additional content for those who want to drill down and learn more. What do you think? I’d love to get your feedback so please be sure to share your thoughts and comments for how we can make our site better.

Project update

In addition to launching my new website, I’ve also been helping clients optimize their existing sites. For example, Nurses Get Certified was struggling with getting the word out about their nursing certification exam preparation resources. To increase online exposure, we’ve optimized their word press install by leveraging Yoast, improving site performance, and applying SEO best practices.

Whether you’re building a new website or improving one you already own, always follow search engine optimization best practices.