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Making a Holiday Promise – Plum

Excited to be working with Plum Practicewear this holiday season. They are a premier provider of gymnastic leotards and top-notch marketers. We can all take a lesson from their latest campaign focused on the holidays in the form of a holiday promise. Stated as, “Our Holiday Promise – Convenience, Customization, and Care”, Plum is focused on taking the stress out of the holiday season.

Their campaign focused on three main benefits that all buyers can resonate with: convenience, customization, and care. By articulating the value of each, they create a connection with holiday buyers that put them in a class of their own. They define each of these in their promotion.


Finding a pattern and fit your gymnast likes is a must, but the convenience a company can offer often separates one leotard manufacturer from another.


No gymnast wants to be one of the many; make sure your athlete stands out with leotards that can be customized to their fit and style!


Of course, “care” has to be on this list because the holidays are more than just what we get for our friends and family; but the care we put into everything we do. When shopping this season, remember to keep it local and prioritize buying from stores with U.S.-made products.

By focusing their campaign around 3 primary benefits, they simplify choices for potential customers and highlight key benefits that will transform the buying experience. I recommend you follow Plum if you’re interested in retailers doing a great job this holiday season. More at