Kindle Cash Flow 2.0


Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 is a comprehensive course, that covers everything, A-Z, a person
needs to be successful with kindle publishing. The Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 course is designed for newcomers
as well as advanced Kindle Publishers. Ty teaches everything it takes to generate $20K + per month with Kindle Publishing as covered in our Ty Cohen Interview.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0The Kindle Cash Flow course shares everything that Ty is doing and how he is doing
it, including everything from writing titles that convert, to images that convert
to using the best-selling topics and everything in between. This is not theory, but rather all stuff that has been tested and tracked over the last 10 years of selling on Amazon in one form or the other.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 Course – Product Description
This is a physical delivery course. The packaging is a High Quality, 1st class hard, flip top ~ Patten Leather box. The logo is a raised embossed seal with a silver foil overlay.

The Kindle Cash Flow package includes:
7 Professionally Produced CD’s that will autoplay on all machines (Mac, Window’s etc)
There are over 90 modules in all as well as 3 Full Color, Matte finish ‘Strategy Guides”
…these are saddle stitched booklets.

In this exclusive video he shows attendees how he took one of his own personal Amazon Kindle accounts from zero to $10,000.00 and then to over $20,000.00 a month in sales (Its since increased another $5k)

Ty logs in live to show them his account, how to open their own account, how to get started and he even logs into his sales stats so they can see how much he makes now. He also shares all of his previous month’s sales reports so they can see how his monthly sales increase and grow month to month.  Check out Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 and our exclusive Ty Cohen Interview.

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