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Kevin Madison

Date: April 23, 2014
Topic: Business and marketing success

For those of you who have never heard of Kevin Madison or the KGM Group, you are in for a FANTASTIC surprise.  Kevin is one of the leading business and marketing consultants on the planet.  His customers can be found throughout the world… even Dubai.  In this interview I ask Kevin all of the difficult questions and he graciously shares everything.  From his humble beginnings to daily rituals and beliefs, Kevin puts it all on the table for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers to consider.

How we met
Last year I was invited to a holiday party that turned into a mastermind event!  There were dozens of internet marketers who welcomed me into this tight-knit group and shared everything from what was working for them to their greatest failures.  When I asked one of the leading marketers, “Who do you follow for guidance and inspiration?”, he said, “Kevin Madison”.  I didn’t know it at the time, but connecting with Kevin has radically changed my mindset and beliefs about what is possible and how to achieve success.

In this interview
Kevin shares a variety of ideas to help us improve our thinking.  One reference in particular is regarding a mentor that offered Kevin the keys to his success.  The following 11 statements are the primary tenants of this philosophy:

1. Happiness begins where selfishness endsKevin Madison Image
2. The most important word is love
3. You are not born a winner
4. You are not born a loser
5. You are born a chooser
6. Eagles fly alone
7. If you fail to plan then plan to fail
8. Only the disciplined are free
9. Fortune favors the brave
10. The greatest fault is to be conscious of none
11. Your attitude determines your altitude

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During this interview, Kevin shares his perspectives on the above philosophy. He even highlights those tenants that have had the most profound impact on his life and the lives of those he works with on a regular basis.  I am a BIG fan of Kevin’s and recommend that you connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and his company KGM.

Be sure to check out Kevin’s FREE report, “Sacrosanct 6” on the six principles that will fundamentally change your business.  Click here to download.

P.S. Love & Light!  Thank you Kevin!!!