Digital Freelancers Podcast Closes In on 100 Episodes

I’m so excited to share the news of our next milestone, reaching 100 podcast episodes of the Digital Freelancers. Our goal has always been helping freelancers start, grow, or accelerate their digital marketing business. As we reach the coveted 100 episode mark, I feel like we’ve done just that.

If you haven’t heard my podcast in partnership with Mike Hall, I encourage you to give a listen. We provide practical advice to help anyone who is thinking about freelancing or currently freelancing. Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or freelancing is your only gig – we’ve got you covered.

After spending nearly 20 years consulting and freelancing, I understand the challenges that many freelancers have when it comes to getting started, making the leap, and keeping their business going. My co-host Mike Hall has a similar set of experiences that make us incredibly helpful to those who want to make a living as a freelancer.

Shows are distributed 1 – 2 times per week and range on a number of topics including digital marketing. We’ve covered social media, paid search, search engine optimization, lead generation, managing your business, and many more topics that help freelancers excel.

Tune in to the Digital Freelancers wherever you get your podcasts (Apple, Spotify, etc.).