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Bumper Stickers Even in Australia

I’m excited to announce our latest client to Big Fin SEO, estickers.com based in Australia. Although most of our international clients are based in the United States, esticker’s CEO Anthony Khoury and I met and decided to do some work together.

I wanted to share information about eStickers.com because I’m learning so much about the printed sticker business. As someone who uses Red Bubble or etsty, I’m the first to admit that sticker printing is a commodity. Or is it? After working with Anthony briefly, I quickly discovered significant differences in stickers, sticker printing, and most importantly sticker companies.

The next time you pull up behind a 2006 Volvo adorned with a ton of bumper stickers, I want you to pause for a moment and think about quality and sustainability. Was that bumper sticker printed in a way where the color and quality won’t fade? Is it plastic or bio-degradable? Is the company that printed that sticker a friend of the environment or are they producing toxins when printing labels. What about waste? What happens to the rolls the paper comes on to feed the sticker printing machines? Like I said, printing isn’t just about a catchy phrase on a bumper sticker.

The benefit of working with so many different business owners is that you learn more about the products and services they are offering than you normally would from a consumer’s point of you. This gives me a hug appreciation, not just for sticker companies, but for any manufacturer who creates an everyday product. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned working with eStickers and other companies like them:

  1. Don’t just consume, learn. Take the time to learn more about the products you’re purchasing, where they come from, and how they are made. This will give you a greater appreciation for the products you use.
  2. Don’t just buy products, buy companies. Make sure the companies that manufacture the products you use are implementing sustainable practices. Creating products while having a negative impact on the environment is only setting us back.
  3. Look for quality products. This isn’t just true in the sticker market, it’s a critical aspect of any purchase. I’m a huge fan of quality but sometimes don’t make the investment. Remember quality over quantity.

Whether you’re in the market for bumper stickers or hair products, investing in responsible companies that are doing things right, is extremely important. Research the companies you buy from often and make sure they are investing in things that resonate with your values.