Big Fin Solutions – Marketing Consulting and Services

After much thought, deliberation, and soul searching, I have finally decided to change the name of my business (at least one of them). The new name, Big Fin Solutions will represent the digital work that we’ve been doing for companies of all sizes.  From marketing consulting to reputation management, Big Fin is the ocean we’ll be swimming in.

After spBig Fin Solutionseaking to a friend who is a successful entrepreneur and fellow author, I asked him a question I had been considering for quite some time.  “I want to do more for businesses, help them achieve all of their marketing goals, not just search engine optimization (SEO).  Can I do all that under the Upward SEO brand?”.  My friend Anthony said, “As long as SEO is in your company name, that’s what you’ll be known for.”  That was the turning point.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear.  Transitioning any brand is not an easy task.  From brand implications to financial ones, rebranding can be a mine field… unless you stay focused on your end goal.  We have begun the transition and will continue until we’ve transformed our business.  It’s the only way that we can provide more value, better service, and outstanding results.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the transition but wanted to share the exciting news and get your feedback on the new name, and new logo.  Why big fin?  Because animals with big fins, sharks, whales, etc. rule the waters.  They are at home in their environment and at the top of the food chain.  This is what we bring to our clients – expertise, the best minds in the business, and a genuine interest in helping them succeed!