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Big Fin SEO – Michael Fleischner

At Big Fin SEO, we believe that growing your online brand makes the difference between success and failure. We do this by implementing the latest optimization techniques and creating a customized solution for each of our clients. Hi, I’m Michael Fleischner, Founder and CEO of Big Fin SEO.

We’ve helped more than 1,000 businesses achieve dominance on the web and we can help you too. Let our optimization experts increase your reach and elevate your brand.  We provide services under the Big Fin Solutions umbrella primarily through two web properties: and

Our team of highly trained professionals keeps up on the latest strategies, techniques, and algorithm changes in search to give our clients a leg up on the competition. You’re not competing against yourself online. Rather, you’re competing against other websites, social channels, and digital assets trying to rank higher than yours.

Using the latest “white hat” techniques, we apply rigor to our optimization discipline. If you’d like to free up your time and improve optimization results, trust the experts at Big Fin SEO. We’re here for you.